Company Mission Statement

We strive to find ways to loosen the burden of the world
through novel renewable energy methods and recycling mechanisms
that will help create sustainable living opportunities to those most in need.

  • God First
  • Love Everyone
  • Toils Evermore
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Ongoing experiments and recycling methods research

The renewable energy initiative is focused on the most sustainable approach possible for energy sources, essentially trying to find methods that work with nature and not against it. I believe there is a way to generate energy to be used practically from energies not easily understood or explained fully like gravity and 'quantum' anything.

The recycling efforts focus on waste products that can be reused for anything from making fertilizers to taking old electronics and reusing the parts for energy propagation or storage devices. Or to build useful things to sell like furniture and tools. By finding ways to make something from nothing may be able to help create job opportunities that not only help reduce the waste of individuals and companies, but also become an opportunity for people to re-purpose and rebuild someone else's trash into their own treasure.

These are just some of the ideas the company is pursuing. All in all, the hope is that the outputs and outcomes will be to benefit those most in need or to at least loosen the financial burden to them, while always working with nature.

Today we are offering services
to generate research revenue

Anything from IT support services to Roofing, Construction, Tree
Trimming, Landscaping and old electronic equipment/motor/appliance removal,

we are here for you

Okay, but aren't you a fruit company?

Good fruits are what we attempt to bear in all our toils,
as servants to Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

How does a human bear fruits?

These fruits are not seen or tasted, but are charactistics that we strive to bear.

These include but are not limited to:
Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, and Gentleness.

Below is how we accomplish our mission,
while bearing God's good fruits.
  • God First

    We openly follow God thru His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, in Who's life we find the standard that we hold ourselves to.

  • Love All of God's Creation

    All we need is love, and if we can love eachother as we love ourselves, and with God's will, nothing is impossible.

  • Honest Scales and Balances

    We strive to work with integrity and honesty, first and foremost. We feel that every party can benefit from any type of transaction.

  • Subdue the Land and be Fruitful

    We believe that God's earth is ever abundant and can provide for all.

  • Serving Those in Need

    In all endeavors, the outcome's beneficiary will be those most in need, either living on the street or in transitional housing.

  • IT Support Services and Consulting

    Let us know if there are any services or solutions you need help with. The team has over 20 years of IT experience, but we also do just about everything else, or know someone that does.

  • Skills Training

    We provide skills education and training to groups or individuals. We have courses in basic to advanced IT skills, healthly eating, practicing mindfulness and more. We believe that by providing training and awareness can help empower individuals to be able to provide for themselves and eachother more easily.

  • The harvest is plenty

    Let us know if there are any other services or solutions you need help with. We have made a deliberate effort to find and meet other companies with the same values and I know we know of one that is able to provide a service you need. Feel free to reach out for anything, we are here to serve.

We are open to you

Please reach out and let us know if there is anything we can do for you. We are ready to serve and help you with whatever you need. Also please stay tuned for upcoming findings from experiments/lessons learned.